The Sumy Oblast English language camp!

Summer Camp!


Permission Forms will be sent out soon! The application for Summer 2017 is closed

What will camp be like? 

Our theme for camp is HEROES! You will be in teams with an American counselor and other campers from across the oblast, and together you will learn about heroes (superheroes and regular ones), play new American sports, choose an interest group (like photography, dancing, etc), compete in mental & physical team challenges, swim in the river, eat tasty food, relax, and make new friends!!!!

Who can go to Camp EXCITE? What if I went last summer?

Students aged 10-16 can go to camp. If you went other summers, great! We are happy you want to come again! 🙂

When will Camp EXCITE be?

From Thursday, August 10-14. Parents meeting and interview dates to be announced later.

How much does it cost?

For 5 days, the cost is 350 hryvnas. Why? We need to pay for the campsite, your food, materials for lessons, T-shirts, and other fun things for camp!

Where will we sleep!? What will we eat?

We will sleep in tents at a campground in Kurgan, very close to Sumy. We will travel there together by bus on the 10th and your parents can pick you up in Sumy on the 14th! There is a camp fire and we will spend time talking and singing by the fire before we go to sleep each night. We will eat a variety of healthy and tasty foods like salads, sandwiches, kasha, different fruits and vegetables, soups, and maybe even a special American dish!

What if I don’t speak English?

Camp EXCITE is an English camp, so all lessons and sports will be taught in English, but we understand that sometimes you don’t understand! Don’t worry! Your friends and counselors will always be there to help you. There will also be Ukrainian counselors at camp to help out. We know you are intelligent students, and camp is a fun way to practice English!

What should I bring?

Soon we will post a packing list. Remember to bring sport clothes and shoes, a bathing suit, a bowl, cup  & spoon, suncream, and your camera! 🙂 Please DO NOT bring high heels, skirts, or expensive clothes or electronics.


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